Malvika Subba's Interview for Thik Thak

Malvika Subba had a short interview with one of the popular Nepali portals, "Thik Thak". Here's a excerpt from the interview.

Tell me about your childhood? Like what kind of person you were and what you wanted to become at that time?

I was a total geek as a kid, a tomboy, used to wear glasses, still do, climb trees, the BMX queen back then. A book worm, who used to read lots and lots of books, took part in all the extracurricular activities. At the same time , I was a shy and timid girl. I wanted to be a doctor as a kid, , but after SLC, I completely dropped the idea and took up commerce, because there was no media classes or colleges back then. At some point growing up after watching MTV and CHANNEL V, I wanted to be on TV.

Did you have any crush/affair with anyone in your school days? If yes, with whom?
Well my huge crush was Sanjay Dutt back in those days .hahahaha

Now tell me at present, what would an average person say about you?
Well, I wouldn’t be able to answer that, coz I have never asked…

What turn did your life take after winning “Miss Nepal’s Crown”?
I went from being the simple girl next door to a celebrity over night. It was tough  adjusting at first, it still is at times. But I got used to it eventually. I still am known as Miss Nepal. I got many opportunities, respect and offers. Got to work with many social organizations, still do.

In your view, why should beauty contest like Miss Nepal should/shouldn’t be organized?
In our society, young people, specially girls have a closeted life, have limited life, going to college. So Miss Nepal gives them an opportunity to develop their personality, teaches them about various aspects of life and career. It is a step forward to life, and is a teaching and learning experience. That is why it should happen.

What do you like to be known as; a VJ, Model, Former Miss Nepal or now an actress?I think I will always be known as Miss Nepal. I am currently in the housing business as sales and marketing manager. Someday , I would want to be known as a successful entrepreneur.

What was the reason for quitting “Call Kantipur ” programme that used to be broadcasted by Kantipur television?
I was bored of doing the same thing everyday, there was no progression, and I wanted to move on. I went to Delhi after that , and worked for a year at Voice of India.

Now, you have become an actress; tell me if you were interested in doing movies from before or not and had you thought that someday you will become an actress of Nepali Movie?
I was never into doing movies, or acting. It just happened by chance. Both my films are offbeat. And that is my area of interest.

Would you like to share the synopsis of “Goodbye Kathmandu” and the character you are enacting in?
Good Bye Kathmandu , is based on real life stories, some fictional , on the time of 2004/2005, when the country was going through various political turmoil. It’s the story about 3 families, youngsters and how their life gets affected. My character Maya , is an INGO worker, a gender specialist, who is also a singer. She is an independent and a strong woman, who motivates the protagonist character to work in Nepal.

Apart from media, are you engaged in any other sectors? If yes, where & your job responsibility?
I am with Shangrila Housing as the Sales and Marketing Manager since the last one and a half years.
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