Malvika Subba dates Ashim Pradhan

Gossip of Event "Malvika Subba dating Ashim Pradhan, winner of the celebrity contest dating from cyber sansar".

"Tell them dear, that if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being: Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!

I never sought to ask, I never knew: -anonymous

Beauty is the harmony of the outer appearance with a perfect attitude and aptitude. I respect Malvika for these qualities…-Ashim"

This wonderful message delivered straight from the heart of Malvika's die-hard fan Ashim made him the winner of the date.

"Thanks. Did Malvika Sis choose the winner of the date, Sampada..?" Ashim threw a question at me that surprised me. "Do you know Malvika? How?" I immediately shot back. "Yes, I am a great fan of her. I have met her couple of times and even after filling this form, I had informed her about it. Wow, I am glad that I won…" Well, that's what I call a pure co- incidence.

During the date, Malvika was surprised to see Ashim as her date. As the dates knew each other already, I didn't have to go through that extra pain to create an introductory background. "I respect Malvika Sis a lot. She is my inspirational idol." Ashim began with a praise that brought a smile in Malvika's face. "I even went to meet her in her birthday and gifted a T-shirt with 1974 AD inscribed on it and a badge." As the talk proceeded, Ashim asked Malvika, "How does it feel to be a Miss Nepal?" Malvika sportily answered, "Feels great. I believe that once a Miss Nepal, forever a Miss Nepal."

As we left the date with some private moments, we could slightly over hear their conversations that revolved around life and career. After the date ended with some desserts, we joined in. So, how was the experience? "Fun. I couldn't have asked for more." Ashim answered. 

And what about Malvika? "It's a great concept. Many people want to meet celebrities but do not know how. This contest grants a perfect platform to spend some moments with their stars." Malvika marked.

By Sampada Malla from Cybersansar
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  1. this is really a good snap! Both of you are looking great!


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